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What Is She's Trending

She’s Trending is a new age holistic branding and business operations company. We take a curious, open-minded, and service-centric approach to the work we do. We ask questions about all of it. We believe that people can take what serves them and leave what doesn’t. We make recommendations off of hard data and reporting. We offer plans based on your time and wallet. We value your trust above all things.

Why Branding & Business Solutions?

In our stressful modern age, holistic and alternative industries are often overlooked due to stigma and risks. This offers desperately needed support to those in search of a collaborative team that can provide balance and revenue generating solutions.

Our Mission

We Help Our Clients Overcome

Our mission is to revolutionize holistic and alternative industries by educating women with business and banding essentials that will last for years. This is reflected in our revenue generating process we put together, our virtual design service, curated wellness shop, and empowering events.

Our Approach

As a business owner, the world is on your shoulders. You’re a master at responding to a wide variety of challenges, from the changing economy, to the cost of finding and hiring the right talent, to doing business at scale. Relieve your stress by working with a coach that can help you rise above the daily noise to focus on priorities. Find time for the strategic planning needed to ensure that your company continues to thrive.

Our Services

Let's work together to find the next best options for your success.

Nominate a Leader

Highlight a woman who is helping to Revolutionize Your Community

Interactive design

Connect with your audience through innovative creations

One-on-One Courses

Direct coaching on your company's brand and management

Branding solutions

Let us create a complete package or redesign your current aesthetic

Events & Meetups

Stay educated and informed offline and online

Business solutions

Clear and concise business operations is important, let's work

Why She's Trending?

Join our client list and become apart of a collaborative team. We seek out a variety of traditional and non-traditional approaches to elevate your business. We work to heal your business by guiding you through a unique integrative business and branding journey—trusted in forging new profound success.

In Good Hands

``I had the privilege of attending an incredible event at Huntington University Arizona. She's Trending unveiled their most recent work highlighting ONe TRUe LOVe. It was heartwarming to see so many people doing things solely for the benefit of others. Our future is in good hands with these amazing leaders.
-First Female Mayor of Arizona, Mayor Cathy Carlat

Made My Vision Easier

``I'm speechless! I had a vision but struggled visually. They listened to me ramble for hours and captured my vision with ease! They, you are a blessing! I'm still in shock at how simple the process was. I also appreciate your constant flexibility! HIGHLY recommend She's Trending!``
-Blogger, Courtney Morgan Mirez

Lead Generation

Very helpful in generating leads for our business. Very professional marketing strategies and helping reach people.
-Social Media Manager, Xavier Pilcher

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