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With She’s Trending coaching, you’ll have the opportunity to put your story on the map. We’ll help you find your unique voice and creative avenue of choice. Whether it’s creative writing or film, we’ll help you get started on a dime. Save yourself time and enjoy one on one coaching services in the comfort of your home.

Creative Writing

Nobody tells a story quite like the starring character herself. Get to know the things that shape your narrative. From your background, to your goals, to the things that set you on fire.


We’re firm believers that curiosity is at the heart of every great story. Questions lead to ideas, ideas turn into stories, and stories have the power to break barriers, build bridges, and ignite change. We pull back the curtain and teach you how to feel comfortable in front of the camera, conducting candid interview style questions to show you just how sensational you truly are.

Find your purpose and start coaching with an expert that can ignite your inner spark today!


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Meet Your Coach

Kia Bess is a storyteller with a heart for producing stories that spark change and bridge the gap in the community. Born and raised in Apple Valley, California, Kia has been inspired by the women that gave her a voice to shine while sparking motivation for action in the community.

Whether it’s a woman dominating in her career as a creative genius, to the little girl who takes a sport by storm, or someone who is has a newsworthy idea, Kia lives to inspire the next generation. Using her creative writing to paint narratives of hope and empowerment, Kia’s hope is to engage readers creating conversations and meaningful connections. Transcending a new wave of storytelling, Kia’s desire is to make each of her works an unparalleled experience with education at the forefront. Her desire is to create a positive environment where young leaders can feel comfortable to share their own lessons, challenges, and incredible experiences in their journey. Having worked for prominent multimedia companies Viacom and Levo League focusing on African American voices and women, Kia lives to empower the next wave of storytellers.

A lot of people ask why does she focus on “she” rather than “he” right now and for Kia, it’s young women who are in need during this time. Young women need to be inspired with fierce storytelling and teachable lessons where they can learn and connect with one another in an engaging way. Through interactive storytelling and life experiences, Kia’s hope is to evolve the next generation, breaking down stereotypes and bridging the gap for a new kind of conversation.


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Meaningful Advice In Minutes

We make connection simple. Whether it’s in person, on your laptop or smart device, enjoy professional creative advice in a safe environment. Powered by slack, your online conversation will be endless with optional video or voice call in. Bounce back ideas, upload, and share inspiration in a safe place.

Step 1: Background and Needs

A coach will send you a brief questionnaire by email to identify your storytelling needs.

Step 2: Choose a Date and Time

Pay as you a go. Get advice on a dime. Sessions start at $55 per hour for preteens (ages 9-12).

Pay as you a go. Get advice on a dime. Sessions start at $65 per hour for teens (ages 12-18).

Pay as you a go. Get advice on a dime. Sessions start at $65 per hour for teens (ages 18+).

Step 3: Get a Custom Plan

We tailor to your needs. Get a custom plan that will guide your next steps into action.


What You Get

♥ Perk 1: A She’s Trending Interview

Inspire her and share an optional feature on the She’s Trending platform.

♥ Perk 2:  A She’s Trending Story

Put your city on the map. Share endless stories on the She’s Trending platform.

♥ Perk 3: A She’s Trending Video

Testimonials make the world go around. Record your own experience and help others just like you.

We’ll share your story on the She’s Trending platform.

Complimentary perks are only available for She’s Trending clients

Our Impact

At She’s Trending, your voice matters. We measure success by the amount of submitted stories, interviews and videos we receive. Sharing your story helps revolutionize communities and bridge the gap to breakdown stereotypes in the world.








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