This week we have Cori Matheson in the She’s Trending interview corner. This mover and shaker is empowering and inspiring young girls with her passion for golf. It’s kind of cliche’ however, the girl who once had BIG dreams is now living out her greatest moments with the mission she spoke into existence! That mission was to pursue a director role in golf, while teaching students how to be great though life lessons and within the sport itself. Cori is a reminder that no dream is ever too big and dreams really do come true, even in Phoenix, Arizona trendsetters!


Q: Who is Cori, what do you do, and why?

A: I am a mom. That’s what I do. My purpose is to share my passion for motherhood. I get to do that in my home on a personal level as well as professionally with the LPGA USGA Girls Golf of Phoenix. My goal is to share my life’s passion while empowering women/girls with the Ladies Professional Golf Association. To me, empowering means to continually help women and young girls achieve equality in the sport of golf by instilling life-lessons, discipline and developing skills that will benefit them now and throughout their future.

Q: You were Born in St. Petersburg, Florida, graduated from Horizon High in Scottsdale, Arizona, moved back to Florida, attended Flagler College and then moved back to Arizona. Do you see yourself going back to Florida? What’s the importance of you coming back to your hometown to help young girls?

A: I don’t see myself going back to Florida. My roots are in Arizona! I am remarried, my kids are here, so I am definitely settled. I never saw myself staying in Florida forever, but it served it’s purpose and contributed to where I am today.

Q: When did you fall in love with golf and who were some of your influences?

A: It all started with my dad on the golf course. He would take me out to play and “I wanted to play too.” Then I joined the Girls Golf of Phoenix to start playing more. At the age of twelve, I told the past director that I wanted her job with the LPGA USGA Girls Golf of Phoenix. After high school, I got a scholarship with golf and went to Flagler College to study Sports Management. Well, here I am today back right where I wanted to be and more in love with the game than ever!

Q: A lot of athletes have rituals before games, matches, tournaments, etc. Did you have have any special rituals while playing competitively?

A: Hahaha. You know honestly I didn’t have any rituals. I’ve always been focused on having fun and doing what I love with a purpose. With anything that I do I am always focused on living in the moment and making the best of it. That’s always been my goal.

Q: As a mother of three beautiful girls, newly married and a director of a program, we have to ask you about your energy. Where does it come from?

A: Hashtag #coffeemom. Even without coffee, I have natural energy. Ask anyone that knows me. Coffee didn’t come into a play until I got older, I have always had a ton of positive energy. Having three kiddos and working with youth always keeps me going too.

Ice Breaker

Q: We may have noticed multiple pictures of you holding Dunkin Donuts coffee cup and Dutch Bros Cup. Who has the better coffee?

A: Dutch Bros Coffee for sure! I like the taste of their espresso and I definitely like my coffee on the sweet side. I am not good about making coffee at home, I always go out and buy coffee since I’m always on the go! It is a special treat!

Q: Golf Fashion has come a long way. What’s your preference. Wearing skorts or shorts?

A: Skorts for sure! As time progresses, girls athletic apparel is definitely getting more trendy and fashionable, from the material all the way to the design. Most of the girls like skorts! You can definitely have fun with the golf fashion like wearing Nike high tops, like Michelle Wie, and breaking gender barriers, like Jan Stephenson.

Q: When you are ready to get pumped up, what’s your go to song?

A: I love to dance! So anything you can dance too! Definitely Britney Spears for sure! I love her music and she keeps me pumped up at all times.

Q: We may have read somewhere that you have a love for donuts. What is the best donut you’ve ever had?

A: I have a love for pastries in general, ha – but my favorite AZ local is Bosa Donuts. At my wedding, we had donuts with gold glitter instead of cake. It was pretty awesome!

Impact Your Community

Q: We do our best to research the amazing women we interview and one thing we noticed is that your social media is doused with wonderful photos of your three daughters. What is their option of you?

A: They think I am a total “mom”, I am pretty tough on them, because i have high expectations of them. I’ve always been referred to as “the mom” because I have a passion for taking care of others. Maybe it’s because I am an only child, but it’s what I love to do and I know they appreciate it. They are my buddies and I am so lucky!

Q: Golf seems to be dying amongst the younger generations and not as appealing to the female demographic. What do you think it will take to make golf appealing to the youth, more specifically the female demographic?

A: It’s definitely on the major upswing for sure. I think there’s a major shift occurring and it’s making a big boom in the industry. Currently, in my program I am reaching numbers that have not met in about ten years or so. Collectively, it’s young players like Jordan Speith, Jydia Ko, Lexi Thompson and more who are paving the way for the next generation. They are great role models and the athleticism and character we are seeing from the professionals is astounding.

Q: What is the #1 rule in golf for someone who has never tried it before?

A: I would say: Just do it! Don’t think too much about the decision, just go out and PLAY!

Q: With all of our interviews we like to sign off with by saying thank you! We know that you’re trending, which is why we chose you to be one of our featured guest. In honor of our tradition we would like you to finish this sentence…I am Cori Matheson, Director of the LPGA USGA Girls Golf of Phoenix, I’m trending because…

A: I’m trending because It’s my goal to empower and encourage young women to dream big while growing personally, professionally and athletically. I think the world can use more of that.