This week, we have Tyler Butler in the She’s Trending interview corner. We first came across Tyler through her involvement with corporate charity work in the local Phoenix area. Since then, Tyler has moved on to be the founder of her own company called 11Eleven Consulting, which strives to connect communities, companies, and causes. With a passion for people and companies alike, Tyler is fueling her success with the community by her side, proving that the “impossible” is “possible” by trademarking her destiny and redefining what unity means in the 21st century.


Q: Who is Tyler Butler, what do you do, and why?

A: I am a corporate social responsibility practitioner. I love connecting people, causes, and organizations. I do this because I like seeing the unity between people and companies when they have the right connection. I look at my work as a conduit to make and show people what’s possible. I pride myself on being a lover of life; filled with joy and laughter from the people I surround myself with. My passion for charities and the community work I participate in drives me in all aspects of life. In a recent acceptance award speech from the ATHENA awards presented by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, my friend, Catherine Alonzo, who is a founding partner at Javelina Co. spoke about being a crusader for kindness. I feel like I am a crusader for kindness because of my background and mission in giving back to the community. If we all viewed the lens in the same light and cared for one another receptively, we would live in a much better society.

Q: Tell us a little bit more about your background. Where did you grow up?

A: I grew up in government construction, which opened my perspective and outlook on life. I moved about every 2 years with my family. As a kid, I got to live in so many places, such as Kansas, California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, and Texas. I went to high school in Tucson and eventually moved to Phoenix, where I found my home. Moving around as a child made me more adaptable, as I got to experience different cultures and communities. Because of this, I attribute my background to shaping who I am today and being an advocate for change in the community.

Q: When did you develop a passion for being involved with community-related organizations and volunteerism?

A: My parents have always instilled a strong work ethic in me since I was a little girl. I grew up in a household where competition was encouraged. If we worked hard, it was rewarded. A lot of my passion comes from family and wanting to be an example for them. The other half is attributed to paying it forward. There’s still a lot of work that must be done in the community; however, the people who are in need drive me to do more and give back everyday.

Q: You have done some amazing work with companies such as Microsoft and GoDaddy. What inspired you to start your own company, called 11Eleven Consulting?

A: Back in college, I founded a publication called College Times. College Times is a leading publication targeted to Arizona State University and Maricopa Community Colleges in the Phoenix metro area. This publication introduced me to other college students and connected me to notable non-profit organizations in the Valley. College Times introduced me to the Greater Scottsdale Boys and Girls Club and provided additional opportunities in the non-profit arena as well. During this transition, I saw this trend of companies honing in on social responsibility. From there, I built my career by creating programs to increase involvement and eventually landed an opportunity at Microsoft and GoDaddy.

Q: After reading your resume and reviewing numerous articles about your career, we noticed you are involved with severable charitable organizations. What guides your motivation?

A: It goes back to my parents and my upbringing. I grew up in a household where my parents consistently volunteered. My motivation comes from my family and the support they’ve instilled in me, and the other half comes from being thankful. I appreciate my loving family and the people I’m inspired by in the community. I feel obligated to pay it forward and lead by example to help as many people as I can.

Ice Breaker

Q: Arizona Foothills Magazine named you one of the most fashionable women in the Valley over 30. Let’s say you were invited to attend the Golden Globes and walk the red carpet. What type of look would you go for?

A: I like to mix and match my brands of clothing. I love BCBG, so I would use that brand as my look book inspiration to pull my Golden Globe look together. I would choose an off the shoulder gold gown for an androgenic look for a structured and tailored fit.

Q: In a recent interview in So Scottsdale Magazine, you mentioned you enjoy spending time in the Valley with friends and enjoying new restaurants. Give me your top 3 restaurants to eat at in the valley, right now.

A: Well, I live in the heart of Phoenix, and I feel like there’s a new restaurant opening every week. I’m definitely a social butterfly and love trying new restaurants; however, one of my go to spots in town is the Gladly. I love their famous original chopped salad. Some of my other restaurant go-to spots in town are the Hillstone and the Herb Box. If all else fails, and I am on the go, a Pita Jungle wrap or salad gets the job done.

Q: In the same interview from So Scottsdale Magazine, you also mentioned you like going to sports games. I want see how you would rank these three scenarios. One, throw the game winning touchdown pass to Larry Fitzgerald. Two, make the game winning shot for the Phoenix Suns in front of a sold out crowd. Three, hit the game winning home run for the Arizona Diamondbacks in front of a sold out stadium.

A: Well, I have a personal connection to the Phoenix Suns basketball team since I use to sit on the Phoenix Suns Charities Board of Directors. I believe in their mission and what they stand for in the community. I would also choose the winning touchdown pass to Larry Fitzgerald. I come from a football family and admire Fitzgerald’s honesty, authentic commitment, and devotion to charity work in the community. Last, I would hit the game winning home run at the Arizona Diamondback game in front of a sold-out stadium.

Impact Your Community

Q: We did a deep dive into your Twitter account and found a post from December 20, 2012. You tweeted, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi. What does this quote mean to you and how does it apply to your life?

A: This quote is a personal daily guide for me. I believe in leading by example. If you seek loyalty in people, then you should be loyal yourself. If you’re a positive action-oriented person, emulate the values you want to see in others. People pick up on vibrations, and every one of us can affect each other through a positive outlook and kindness.

Q: You have served as a mentor, been a part of some amazing boards and committees, founder of your company, and met great individuals along the way. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received from someone?

A: The best piece of advice that I’ve ever received was centered on the topic of relationships and people. I believe it goes back to the mantra, “Treat others how you want to be treated.” It’s about treating people with respect and being mindful. Being authentic to you is key advice that I definitely hold true to myself.

Q: Why is it important to be involved in the community?

A: There are tons of organizations looking for help in many ways. Before you get involved, I recommend researching the organization to check if their mission aligns with your personal skills, outlook, and beliefs. Once you find an organization, share your skills and assets with that charity. Donate your services and volunteer your time, because it’s a powerful tool to make an impact and witness change.

Q: With all of our interviews, we like to sign off by saying thank you! We know you’re trending, which is why we chose you to be one of our featured guests. In honor of our tradition, we would like you to finish the sentence…I’m trending because…

A: I’m trending because I care about connecting with communities, companies, and causes.