About Us

Bridging the gap since 2015, She’s Trending is a multimedia company specializing in educational content for [she].

Who is [she]?

She is the change-maker, the artist, and the innovator. Like you, we dream of a world of equality and positive change. She embodies this change through social activism, community service and a passion for blazing new trails.  She is the gal next door committed to social change and community service, and hers is a story worth hearing.

We are a collaborative team of storytellers and dream makers striving to bridge the gap between [she] and [he] to shape a world where every story has the opportunity to be heard. We believe that she + he = community, and that everyone can make an impact with their voice.

Our Story

We’re inspired by people from diverse backgrounds who aren’t afraid to blaze a new path and empower others to do the same. We believe that even in the most tumultuous times, those who live to uplift others and be their authentic selves have always been the key to our future. Founded by Kia Bess, She’s Trending was born out of a thirst for change. Time after time, we looked around the mass media and saw the same type of coverage that continued to define “trends” based on popularity and the superficial rather than the true voices that are making a difference. In the fight for social justice, we’ve always felt that equality between [he] and [she] comes from turning back to the community and uplifting those who are taking great strides towards positive growth.

Since She’s Trending’s conception in 2015, we’ve been set on building a foundation where other individuals and organizations could shine, all while keeping her in mind. In 2016, She’s Trending premiered an 8-minute film documenting the story of Krysten Aldridge, founder of the One True Love Food Truck in Phoenix, Arizona. One True Love is a non-profit organization whose entire mission is to feed those who need it most and ensure that generosity and nourishment are never seen as a luxury. Krysten’s human experience reflected the grit and passion that we often see in the community, but don’t see highlighted due to the influences of mass media. Krysten quickly became the muse behind [She’s Trending], and the rest is history.


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