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“I ran across too many great women to let their stories fall by the wayside. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I had to create it!”

During high school and college I ran across so many great women that inspired me and realized these women needed a platform to highlight their initiatives. So I decided to create a platform that recognized women at the local level through a collection of stories, interviews, and trending content. I wanted to create an arena of opportunity for these women’s stories and voices to shine while sparking motivation for action in the

The goal of Shes_Trending is to encourage initiatives at the local level. Whether it’s a woman dominating in her career as a creative genius, to the little girl who takes a sport by storm, or someone who is has a newsworthy idea, we are the place to go. I’m directing the world’s attention to stories that matter and helping to bring awareness to the contributions of everyday people. My desire is to create a positive environment where people feel comfortable to share their own lessons, challenges, and incredible experiences in their journey. It’s a place for women to share their story while inspiring others in their most candid moments.

More importantly, the biggest impact for me that’s been driving this platform is my story to change how the public perceives the usage and phrase “She’s Trending”. Currently, when you Google the keywords “She’s Trending” negative search results are listed and associated with pornography. Women are over sexualized by these listings compared to their male counterparts. A lot of people ask me why do I focus on “she” rather than “he” right now. For me, it’s women who are in need during this time, however it’s just beginning as I’m still trying to figure it out. Through virality content and social advocacy campaigns, I hope to revamp the public’s perception, while continuing to evolve with fresh ideas in the near future.

This idea has always been a dream of mind, however it was Seed Spot a local incubator hub in Phoenix, Arizona that really brought my venture full circle. Shes_Trending is still in the early stages, however that’s the exciting part as people watch us grow. I wouldn’t have it any other way, because it’s shows a part of me and our transparency in what we stand for and believe as a company!

The Team

Our Team


“My passion is my art. Listening and reading about the stories of everyday people inspire me to paint realities that communities face.”

Our Team


“I think it’s important to connect to others who are doing meaningful work in the community because it offers inspiration, growth, and betters the world.”