Dream, Girl the documentary film showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs, will debut a special prescreening to the community on Saturday, November 18 at Huntington University Theater in Peoria, Arizona for two screenings at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.

StarshineAZ co-founders Susan F. Moody and Leeanne Gardner along with She’s Trending founder Kia Bess decided to collaborate on this event to support women filmmakers, storytellers and entrepreneurs in honor of National Entrepreneur’s Day!

In an effort to drive more local business to the West Valley, Dream, Girl will inspire creatives and business professionals alike, sharing the stories of five powerful entrepreneurs and the dreams that have propelled their businesses forward.

“Being a small town Apple Valley, CA girl with big dreams and starting a business that provides educational storytelling and media programs for youth, we are the definition of Dream, Girl. We are living the Dream, Girl story like so many women in the valley as we prepare for our biggest kick-starter to date in the New Year. With an upcoming animation series and storytelling project in the making, the fun is just getting started for our team,” said Bess.

Through the Dream, Girl premiere pre-screening, StarshineAZ and She’s Trending plan is to strengthen numbers in the West Valley, creating an unstoppable force and support system to inspire leaders of all ages in the community. StarshineAZ is changing the way women do business by creating collaborative communities of female entrepreneurs who join together to collectively grow their businesses and provide support for the woman behind the business.

Between StarshineAZs mission where their collaborative communities of entrepreneurial women are cultivating an environment that celebrates authenticity without judgment resulting in positive personal, social and economic impact and She’s Trending mission to revolutionize the community through storytelling and social impact, they are bridging the gap for the next generations of leaders.

Susan Moody shares, “No matter what your age, it is important to have hopes and dreams. And our dream is that women truly come together and support each other. Leeanne and I get inspired when we see cross-generations of women starting their own business. These women have a passion project that matters to them and makes a difference to others. That is the future of social entrepreneurship and we are proud to play a small part in the journey of other Dream, Girls.”

Tickets to premier prescreening are moving fast and can be purchased at: www.shestrending.com/screenings

To find out more about the prescreening of Dream, Girl journey, please contact:

Press Contact: Kia Bess, Founder & Program Director

Company: She’s Trending

E-mail: Kia@shestrending.com

Phone: +1-760-646-1520