Image credit: Ross Sokolovski| Unsplash Image

On February 21, 2015 this little beauty was adopted from the Paws Rescue Alliance, an animal shelter that advocates for animals who do not have a voice in Phoenix, Arizona. Rescued from an abusive home, this little pup named Leah taught her owner how to love in 3 simple ways.


Stuck in a rut, this little pup woke up at 5 a.m. teaching her owner consistency and most of all compassion.



Broken down from neglect, Leah’s biggest obstacle was finding her strength. Hitting close to come, her owner had to find her voice. Left with no choice, a series of friendships and puppy play dates was made to order. After 1 year and about 3 puppy dates later, let’s just say these ladies are definitely out to play.



Life may not be perfect, but being reminded of the simple things gives you the faith that things can and will get better. For Leah, it’s a playful nudge to her owner letting her know that’s it’s going to be okay.