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We support independent filmmakers and storytellers! A story is as multidimensional as the people behind it, and we celebrate the [change]makers who have a fresh, colorful way of telling their stories. We think these narratives deserve to be seen and heard.

Inspired by Krysten Aldridge, founder of the ONe TRUe LOVe Organization in Phoenix, Arizona, She’s Trending showcases the grit and passion of Krysten in her journey to feed those in need in the community. Whether it’s our compelling True, Love documentary or a Director’s corner Q&A that’s guaranteed to uplift and empower all ages, we’ll help you plan your next pop up screening event. Book your screening and contact us today!

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“I had the privilege of attending an incredible event yesterday morning at Huntington University Arizona. She’s Trending unveiled their most recent work highlighting ONe TRUe LOVe. It was heartwarming to see so many people doing things solely for the benefit of others. Our future is in good hands with these amazing leaders.”

Mayor Cathy Carlat, Peoria’s First Female Mayor

“I was honored to attend the screening of the True, Love, a short film. This is a great example of humanness and  humanity. It portrays what is love and what it is to have a generous heart. Thank you Krysten Aldridge and your One True Love team. Thank you Kia Bess and your team!”

Elena Thornton, Founder & CEO, Arizona Consortium for the Arts

Pop up Storytelling

Storytelling Workshops

Nobody tells a story quite like the starring character herself. Whether it’s your school or organization, She’s Trending gives you the tools to develop your talent, build connections with peers, mentors, and community members. We believe you can create a life you’re passionate about through a collaborative event that empowers [her] to be the best [she] can be. Our team is all about using stories to build each other up creatively, corporately and compassionately. Talk to us today about hosting your storytelling workshop with [She’s Trending], and let’s make some change! We offer three packages based on your unique goals, needs and budget:

Home Event

Keep it cozy with your closest family and friends! 10 to 20 attendees.

Private Event

Perfect for fundraisers, celebrations or any special occasion. 20 to 50 attendees.

Public event

Make it an event to remember at a high school, university, company event, or networking group. 50+ attendees


When you commit to a [She’s Trending] workshop, you’ll also receive:

She’s Trending marketing event package

Promotion of your event on the She’s Trending website

Promotion of your event on the She’s Trending social media

 We’re ready if you are. Contact us to start planning your workshop today, and let’s build something great.


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“Thank you so much for visiting Girl Power! Your presentation was so engaging and really connected with some of our girls. They loved She’s Trending! We’re excited to collaborate with you all in the future.”

Brianna Spadafora, 6th Grade Teacher at Pioneer Preparatory School