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How to Empower Your Brand

How to Empower Your Brand


So, you have a new company now and a great product to launch, however you have no idea where to start when finding your brand’s voice online. A common question that we hear from women is, “I am so overwhelmed, where do I begin?”


Well, we’re here to slay the day with 3 simple steps to get you started on a dime. Before you hit the ground running with Facebook posts, blogs, or influencer outreach, it’s very important to define your brand’s voice with guidelines, so your brand’s tone is consistent in the long and short run. Here are the 3 easy steps that you can take away in no time.


Who are you talking to?


Define your audience and discover their interests. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to do a little research by getting into their heads.


What do you want people to feel?


Evoke an emotional response from your audience. Ask them questions where they can engage and interact with your brand. When you are authentic, people will connect and relate to your brand.


What inspires you?


Search for what inspires you! You don’t have to be creative when looking for inspiration, as there are tons of resources. Whether it’s on Instagram or Pinterest, connect and follow bands that you’re attracted to. Write down or create a DIY mood board to inspire you!

As you start bringing your ideas to life, try these steps and let us know what you think! If you have any more tips or you would like to share your personal journey of success, email us at or follow us on Instagram @sheistrending. We would love to hear from you!


Kia Bess is a digital marketing and branding consultant with over 10 years in the industry. Our goal at She's Trending is to empower women with knowledge in the digital space.

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