Hi, my name is Hana and I am a Canadian high school student who is the founder of GFC Canada, a youth organization that believes in instilling young girls and youth with the confidence and equipping them with the resources needed to create change and be the leaders of tomorrow and for the future generations of females are the key to success. From a young age, I have always been passionate about advocating for human rights, especially women’s rights and the empowerment and uplifting of youth.

 I believe that women have extreme potential to lead a nation’s youth to succeed and when equipped with the right resources, amenities and tools they will not only impact the future generations of females but the future of a nation. Whether it’s in the STEM fields, trades, entrepreneurship, etc. young girls can feel empowered enough to pursue their career and also be a leader in their community and abroad. We are also aiming to alleviate girl’s educational barriers so young girls overseas can also have the tools and resources necessary to be successful and go to school.

Our goal for 2020/21 is to raise $3,500 to install a water well in a third world country in critical need of water to battle water insecurity and girls can spend six hours they were walking for unsanitary water into their education and their future.

Support GFC Canada and learn more about their goals HERE. For information about their organization and upcoming events, visit their website at https://girlsforchange786.wixsite.com/gfccanada.