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No Experience Launching a Business?

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Revolutionize Your Community

Whether it’s a woman dominating in her career as a local business owner, to the woman that’s embarking on an innovative creative project, we live to help women put their services and businesses on the map.

Fresh, New Tools

Whether you’re an artist, storyteller, or community leader that’s redefining the 9-5, we're excited to give you the resources and tools that made us successful. Having worked for prominent multimedia companies such as Viacom and Levo League focusing on diverse voices and women, we've been gifted to build women and female voices from the ground up.


How We Started

We created our first documentary which was a Worldwide Women’s Film selection, to help our business launch in 2015. Ever since, we've been helping others launch their businesses and creative projects. Today, we know what it takes to create and launch a trusted and profitable business online and offline.

Krysten Aldridge, founder of ONe TRUe LOVe Food Truck

Kia Bess, Founder & Operations Director

Meet the Founder

Since She’s Trending’s conception in 2015, I’ve been set on building a community where other individuals and organizations could shine, all while keeping the female voice in mind. In 2016, She’s Trending premiered an 8-minute film documenting the story of Krysten Aldridge, founder of the One True Love Food Truck in Phoenix, Arizona.

One True Love is a non-profit organization whose entire mission is to feed those who need it most and ensure that generosity and nourishment are never seen as a luxury. Krysten’s human experience reflected the grit and passion that we often see in the community, but don’t see highlighted due to the influence of mass media.

Krysten and the One True Love Food Truck project quickly became the muse behind She’s Trending, and the rest is history as the documentary gained notable press with the likes of ABC15 and more.

Meet the Collective

With every client, Holly helps them reimagine their communication practice for the digital economy. Part problem solver and part designer, Holly’s experience includes digital and print advertising, website design, brand development, social media, marketing strategies, and media placements in national outlets.

From branding and messaging, to media endorsements, Jian helps clients tell stories that resonates to audiences that matter. If good people communicated better, this whole world would be in a better place.

Creative Director Holly Peters, Communications Director Jian Huang

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Public Speaking
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