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As a women-owned branding and design company, we support female leaders who are making an impact with their businesses. If you know a woman who can benefit from She’s Trending, nominate an individual or business who is in need of our support

Entrepreneurs are born every day. Supportive female leaders are everywhere. If you know an entrepreneurial person or business who loves making a community impact with their business, we encourage you to submit your nominee of choice.
They’ll be part of a trending community, that will coach, support, and educate them, giving them the essentials tools they need to be successful. Take the lead and nominate a leader or business today!

For nomination questions, please contact

Keep an eye out on our blog, Facebook, and Instagram to see if your nominee was selected!

Who can I nominate?

Check out a few examples below of our previous candidates. Remember, you can vote for anyone making a difference in your community!

Nominate A Student

Recognize and reward a hard working college student. With your nomination, a student will have access to She’s Trending courses and services.

Nominate An CEO/Entrepreneur

Recognize an inspiring CEO or entrepreneur. With your nomination, a CEO or entrepreneur will have access to She’s Trending courses and services.

Nominate An Activist/Leader

Recognize a motivational activist or leader. With your nomination, ac activist or leader will have access to She’s Trending courses and services.

How can we help?

Event coverage

Clean and clear media representation is important, let's work

Community engagement

With event planning experience, we can cater to specific tasks or arrangements

Custom branding

Let us create a complete package or redesign your current aesthetic

One-on-One Courses

Direct coaching on your company's brand and management

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