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An Interview with Bissu Art

This week we highlight Bissu Art, a talented artist from Nairobi, Kenya. With a passion for drawing, Bissu Art uses creative storytelling to inspire generations with her artwork

This week we highlight Bissu Art, a talented artist from Nairobi, Kenya. With a passion for drawing, Bissu Art uses creative storytelling to inspire generations with her artwork. Whether it’s a woman reflecting about her life or an individual dancing with joy, Bissu Art takes inspiration from everyday life circumstances. With a cartoon like aesthetic, her work personifies what it means to be a digital artist in the millennial age.

Who is Bissu Art, what do you do, and why?

My name is Annie and I go by the name Bissu Art. I am an amateur artist from Africa who likes to draw for a living. The reason why I named my business Bissu Art was because I wanted to make a distinction from my personal name. When I first started my business on Instagram, I was nervous about putting myself out there. Having graduated with a degree in music from Daystar University, I was not sure how people would respond to my work. Ever since I started teaching myself how to draw, I haven’t had anyone say anything to me, so things are turning out to be okay. I must be doing something right!

When did you develop a love for storytelling and style within your art?

Storytelling has always been apart of my work. I believe this is what separates me from other artist. Art is to one’s own interpretation and every artist has his or her own style. I’m a self-taught artist, so storytelling is how I convey my artistry in the type of work I create. It’s very easy for me to be authentic, because I come from a background of having no parameters and I am able to express my ideas freely.

In a 2018 interview segment from Fanaka Digital called Africa’s Leading Ladies, you talk about your process as a digital artist. How has your process evolved since 2018?

I feel like my process has been very much the same, however I’m much more open to growing my skills. I’ve had some great commission opportunities that have opened up my eyes on wanting to learn more technical skills around skin tones, since there are so many shades to the human rainbow.

Starting a business can sometimes be difficult for some. How do you stay motivated to keep moving forward? What’s your favorite go-t0 tip?

Sometimes when I’m feeling really burnt out; I find it helpful to just start something. If I start drawing something, I find somewhere along the way that I’m having fun as I get excited about the type of art I’m creating. It’s simple advice, but in the end you’ll be happy about what you accomplished. Also, surrounding yourself around other creative people is helpful as well. When I’m out looking for different inspiration, I try to immerse myself in other artist’s work. When I see work that’s really dope, I get excited to produce and create more art.

Let’s talk about the word “ Fear.” Conquering your fear is easier said than done. How did you overcome fear as a digital artist?

When I was first starting out as an artist, I started an Instagram page to showcase my work. I was fearful. I went to my friends and family for helpful advice, which helped out a lot. Having a supportive network and getting started was helpful for me. Also, just being simple and consistent helped me through the process of fear as well.

Can you tell us more about the future of your work? What’s next for Bissu Art?

I definitely foresee animation down the road. As I grow older, I would consider mentoring as I feel a responsibility for the next generation of artists in my community. I would definitely enjoy the role of a playing a big sister, because there are a lot of people who do not have that support or someone to look up to.

How can people support your work and upcoming projects?

If people would like to stay up to date on my work, they can support me on my Instagram page @bissu_art. If someone is interested in purchasing a piece of art or commission work, they can direct message on Instagram for more information.

Is there any advice that you would like to share with the next generation of women and or artists?

If nothing else, please remember to just do it. Once you cross that hurdle of starting an Instagram page or even a YouTube page, you’re already on the other side. You’re already an entrepreneur, YouTuber, and artist. Getting over the hurdle is the easy part. The simple part is to just keep going in life.

With all of our interviews we like to sign off by saying thank you! We know you’re trending which is why we chose you to be one of our featured guests. In honor of the tradition we would like you to finish the sentence..…I’m trending because…

I’m trending because I am the beauty and fun in life’s essence. I find my inspiration in everyday people and life’s circumstances. I use that in style of being corky to add more fun and adventure to life.

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